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Our Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

An accurate set of books and records is an essential part of any company’s success.  We provide our clients with the support needed to maintain and understand their accounting information.  We accomplish this by tailoring our services to our client’s needs.  Bookkeeping is a prime example of this.  Some clients need our accountants and bookkeepersto work with their controllers or bookkeepers on a monthly or quarterly basis.  For those businesses that do not have a bookkeeper on staff, our firm can provide them with the bookkeeping and accounting support needed to operate their business. 

When implementing a bookkeeping system for our clients, we generally utilize either Quickbooks desktop version or Quickbooks Online. Quickbooks is a very powerful tool which can provide business owners with a wealth of financial information, but to get the most from the program, it is imperative for the user to have a basic understanding of the accounting fundamentals. Our staff, which includes a Quickbooks Pro Advisor, is well versed in Quickbooks and can assist with any questions that our clients may have. 

Tax Compliance Services

The filing of individual and business tax returns is an everyday part of our business. Even though the deadline for individual taxes is April 15th, we are available all year to help our clients with their tax concerns by providing tax planning and consulting. During the year, our clients have business transactions which require our assistance. We help to plan for these transactions and their tax implications while consulting with them throughout the process. We are their proactive tax advisors throughout the year.

Tax Planning

Business transactions and life events occur on a daily basis and in many instances have a significant impact on our lives. Taxpayers should be aware of tax implications caused by business transactions and life events to avoid any surprises. We provide Tax Projections to clients who want to be prepared and plan for their tax liability.

Business Consulting Services

When growing a small business, it is necessary to have a professional who is experienced in business consulting. Many business owners are great technicians but do not understand or have the time to properly manage all aspects of their business. It is important to the success of every business that the owner focuses on the tasks that they are great at, and hires the right professionals to perform the services they are unable to do. We assist our clients with the following business consulting services:

    • Choosing the organization structure that meets their needs
    • Registering with Federal and State Agencies
    • Guidance on payroll
    • Streamlining compliance processes

    Client Focus

    We specialize in small business because we understand what it is like to be a small business. With the challenges so many small businesses encounter, it is imperative to have a business advisor who knows how to make a small business work. All business owners feel the “time squeeze” as they struggle to serve their clients and manage their business. We assist our clients and help to streamline many of their processes and allow them to focus on what they do best.

    We have always said “anyone can put numbers on a screen and press enter.”
    At the firm of Edwin R. Muenzner CPA, LLC, we do so much more.